Grout and tile care are our specialties here at Get it Clean.  As such, we receive many questions about the same.

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One frequent question is: Do you need to seal grout after cleaning?  In a word, yes, but this question deserves a thorough explanation. Here’s what you need to know about grout cleaning and sealing.

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1. Seal grout after cleaning to allay discoloration.


Who doesn’t love a fresh, clean tile and grout aesthetic?  Surface discoloration or deeply embedded staining on your grout lines will disparage your entire tiled area.  The Grout Medic not only recommends a professional grout cleaning once every year or two, depending on the location of your tile, but we will follow it up with a deep penetrating grout sealant.  Due to the porous nature of grout, sealing after cleaning is advisable, as the sealer will create an invisible shield that will protect your grout from water and contaminants that would otherwise seep within and discolor your grout lines.  Which leads us to the next reason!

2. Sealing grout after cleaning will make your grout easier to clean.

No one loves an everyday cleaning chore that takes an exorbitant amount of time and effort.  This is another reason that we always recommend that you seal the grout after a good cleaning.  The protective layer created by the deep-penetrating grout sealer repels dirt and contaminants.  Any staining that you notice will rest on the surface of your grout and will be easily wiped away with a soft sponge or cloth and a pH-balanced cleaning solution.  Toss your scouring pads and old toothbrushes that you used to use to get your grout lines clean.  They will no longer be necessary!

3. If you seal grout after cleaning, it will mitigate grout damage.

Another benefit of grout cleaning followed by sealing is that by alleviating the potential penetration of water, dirt particles, and other contaminants, you are also mitigating potential grout erosion.  Unsealed grout is susceptible to damage not only due to the fact that it is unprotected but also because it is more difficult to clean.  As such, we will be inclined to purchase strong cleaning solutions and use scouring tools that are much too hard on grout.  Over time, unprotected grout will begin to crumble, which leaves the entire tiled area in a weakened state.  This scenario could lead to large-scale damage from an impact on floors, or from water penetration in showers.  Professional grout cleaning and sealing every year or two will help you avoid premature grout and tile failure.

So if you decide to have your bathroom or kitchen grout cleaning, you can always count on Get it Clean Services to get the job done. Just give us a call and we will happily assist you

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