Client Service Agreement GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC Here and throughout this agreement GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC may be referred to as “GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC” or “business” or “it” or “we” or “us”. Here and throughout this agreement GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC employees may be referred as “employees” or “Cleaners”, or “staff”.. Here and throughout this agreement customers may be referred as “Client” or “Customer” or “you”.

General Terms:

1. There is no term to this agreement between the client or GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC. Client may cancel cleaning service at any time. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC also reserves the right to cancel the service provided at any time if the job is not an ideal fit for the company. If you must cancel service we ask that you respectively give at least a week’s notice.

2. In case that we do not meet or exceed your expectations, please recognize that as with any other service we have the occasional mishaps. Client is required to express their concerns to the Cleaners during cleaning appointment or contact the office, via phone or email, within 24 hours of cleaning appointment, in order for GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC TO make arrangements with client to have the problem corrected, at no additional costs, within 3 days following original cleaning appointment. After 24 hours of the cleaning appointment, GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will not be held responsible for any “dirty” areas of the home. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC does not refund cleaning service unless we are unable to schedule an appropriate time to fix the issues mentioned within the 3 day term period. All calls and appointments will be scheduled during normal business hours only. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC does not provide full refunds unless the service was paid for in advance and we did not clean at all. Refunds for specific tasks or areas of concerns will be determined based on the task in question and discretion of management in order to provide a reasonable refund to the client. Clients have the option to request the refund to be sent back to their bank account, applied to their invoice as a discount if invoice is not yet paid, or be applied as credit to their account with us for future use.

3. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC is a an all-natural cleaning company and uses all its own cleaning solutions and equipment. Should the client wish for us to use their cleaning products or equipment, client is responsible to contact the office,via phone or email, prior to your cleaning appointment. If you ask us to use any of your equipment you agree to not hold GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC or any personnel responsible for damage to any article or component. We require all Cleaners to clean in a safe and non-hazard working environment, therefore we require all products asked to be used must be environmentally friendly, all-natural, and non-toxic in order to adhere to our company beliefs.

4. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will always strive to arrive on the day and time scheduled as requested and agreed upon, however, in rare cases we may be late or need to reschedule due to employee illness or other obstacles out of our control. Rescheduling will always be a last resort and we will entertain every other option before rescheduling your cleaning appointment. If for any reason we are running behind or another obstacle should come up then one of our Cleaners will contact you or management. We ask our clients to allow an hour range round estimated arrival time to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, refuel, employee illness, food break, extra work at prior client, ECT. In the case that our Cleaners are late by more than 2 hours of cleaning appointment GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC agrees to apply a $10 late discount to the invoice for that cleaning appointment. In the case that we must reschedule your appointment to a different day GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC agrees to apply a $20 Rescheduling discount to the invoice for that cleaning appointment.

5. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC’s appointment times are as followed: Our 1st morning appointments is an arrival window time between 8 am to 9 am, our 2nd morning appointment is an arrival window between 10:30 am and 11:30 am, our afternoon window arrival time is between 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Any other cleaning appointment times will have to be agreed upon between client and a management member of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC. Private Hiring of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC employees: 1. Please understand that we invest time and resources into recruiting, training, and retaining our employees and for this reason, we have policies in place to protect ourselves against such losses that would occur from an employee working privately for a current or past customer. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC forbids our staff to work for any of our customers on the side or soliciting their services to our customers. In the event that one of our Staff does solicit their services to our customers, we ask that our customers please respectively mention this to management so the issue can be addressed accordingly. Each of our employees is required to sign a non-compete agreement prior to employment. Please note the same rule applies to our customers and we discourage our customers from privately hiring our employees.

2. If, during the term of this agreement or for twelve months thereafter, client directly or indirectly retains the services of any employee of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC (or ex-employee within 6 months of the employee’s termination from GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC) who has provided services to the client on behalf of the company, client agrees that GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will be damaged, but that the exact amount of this damage will be difficult to determine.

3. Accordingly, client agrees that for each GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC employee hired by Client, Client will pay GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) as liquidated damages. Notwithstanding the foregoing “employee of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC” shall include only employees of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC who provide services to its customers and shall not include accountants, attorneys, or other independent contractors of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC who provides services to them.

Security & Entry

1. Security is a major concern at GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC. If you are unable to be home please arrange a point of entry and access instructions with our office prior to cleaning appointment. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC recommends the use of lock boxes to store keys. We do not recommend placing a key under your front door mat or any other hiding spot but if you do please know this is the risk you take. We do ask that you place the key on a key ring with bright colors so that we do not risk misplacing it once inside. We can also take garage codes, access panel codes, alarm codes, etc. Please give this information to our office prior to your cleaning appointment.

2. Per the request of the Client, GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC may provide a lock box to be left on the client’s property, however, the client must sign a lockbox agreement and return form, prior to cleaning appointment.

3. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES’s policy is to lock the door while cleaning and to not allow access to unknown people. For safety reasons, please do not rely on our Staff to let in other services workers during the time we are in your home. 4. Our Cleaners are trained to lock up the home upon departure. If, for some reason, the Client does not wish for their home to be locked up or has special instructions for locking up the home, Client is responsible to provide all information and special instructions to the office prior to cleaning appointment.

5. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC requires clients to put away any important valuables or antiques. While we do everything to maintain a staff of integrity and to be careful to not to break things we cannot guarantee that these things will not happen, please play it safe and secure cash, jewelry, and other small valuables in the home. Client agrees GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will not be held responsible if any of these items are accidentally broken or misplaced during our cleaning visit.

6. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC agrees to only share client’s personal information with the staff of GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC. Staff employed by GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC agrees to only use client’s personal information on behalf of the company for such business-related purpose.


1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC accepts online payments and sends invoices out via email the day of cleaning appointment or up to 7 days after cleaning appointment. Once the email is sent out the Client has 7 days to pay the invoice. The email will have the attached invoice and also a link that will direct you to a secure site to pay online. An Initial $35 late fee will be applied on the 8th day after email is sent out. An additional $10 per day non-payment fee will begin to be added to those accounts that have not made their online payment within 48 hours of initial late fee. If Client has their payment method saved in their online account with us, then Client agrees to give permission to GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC to charge their card on file with us on the 8th day after email is sent out, if payment is accepted this will prevent any late fees from being applied to invoice. If payment is declined, the late fees will be applied accordingly. In the event that there remains an overdue balance, the account will be transferred to a collection agency/firm and the Client agrees to pay any and all attorney fees, court costs, and interest accrued in efforts to collect the overdue amount. Any and all legal means will be utilized to collect past due balances. All prior balances must be cleared, before the next service with our company.

2. If Client prefers an alternate method of payment such as cash or check, this must be addressed to the office prior to cleaning appointment and arrangements must be defined and agreed upon by both parties, GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC and Client, prior to cleaning appointment.

3. Client agrees to pay a $35 fee for any returned checks, in addition to any other fees charged by the banks.


Accidents or Damage

1. Due to the intimate nature of our service, GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC’s Cleaners are required to touch virtually everything in the Client’s home. We are as careful as possible, however, if something does get damaged while cleaning your home, our staff members are instructed to notify the office at once and to contact the client via phone to advise you of the incident. The office will also follow-up with a phone call, text, or email to determine the best course of action. In the event that an object is damaged or broken, we reserve the option to repair or replace the item in question. A dollar value of “a one-of-a-kind” items damaged must be demonstrated in order that a settlement may be determined. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC is not responsible for damage due to improperly installed items, unstable furniture with fragile items or old or worn items, or items damaged from normal cleaning techniques that could not have been prevented unless untouched. These items include but are not limited to: old blinds or improperly installed blinds, wood that is already worn/weathered from age or past poor cleaning techniques, fixtures or items placed on unstable surfaces, light fixtures that are not properly secured, fans not properly installed or not fully secured. Client must inform the office if any items in your home require special attention. All surfaces (marble, granite, etc.) are assumed to be sealed and ready to clean without harm. Client is responsible to notify us if there are any surfaces that are not sealed prior to cleaning appointment.

2. The most tragic form of damage is something irreplaceable either monetary or sentimentally valued. Rather than be sorry, the safest way to protect these items is to store them away on the cleaning day, or instruct us not to clean those items. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will not be held responsible if any of these items are accidently damaged or broken if client fails to put away the item or notify the Cleaners to not touch the item. 3. Breakage of household items or damage to home must be reported to management during cleaning appointment or within 24 hours of the incident taken place in order to create a case. Client must include pictures and full details before a case can be made if incident happened without Get it Clean acknowledgement. Our Cleaners are informed to take pictures and send to management if anything in the home is broken or damaged while on the job.

Cleaning Fee Increases

1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC reserves the right to re-evaluate rates at any given time and enforce increases needed to sustain profitable growth for the company.

Cancellation/Rescheduling & Lock-Outs.

1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC requires a 36-hour notice of any cancellations or to reschedule an appointment, however, the sooner the better so we may be able to fill your spot to accommodate for the loss that results. Cancellation or Rescheduling fee within 36 hours prior to appointment is Thirty Dollars ($30). Cancelling or rescheduling the day of appointment or en route to home is Forty-Five Dollars ($45). Locked out or turned away upon arrival fee is Seventy-Five Dollars ($75). If we arrive at your home and are unable to clean because the home is deemed unsafe due to hazardous environment (mold, bug, or rodent infestation.) then Client agrees to pay the Seventy-Five Dollar ($75) turned away upon arrival fee. These fees are to accommodate for lost wages to our Cleaners, Business revenue, and travel expenses. Rescheduling Recurring Service 1. If recurring service (such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc,) has been defined and agreed upon by Client and GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC, your time slot is reserved for you and you are put into a route for those days and times. If you need to reschedule your appointment, a 48 hour notice is required to avoid being charged the next level of cleaning and will be done at the discretion of management. ● I.E. A biweekly appointment rescheduled for the following week, will make it a monthly clean, and Client will be charged for the monthly cleaning rate. A monthly cleaning appointment postponed will result in a charge for deep clean for that appointment. Sickness 1. If someone in your home is sick (contagious) please contact our office and we will be happy to reschedule your cleaning. In the interest of keeping our Cleaners happy and healthy, GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC’s staff is instructed not to clean homes where there has been a virus.

Hazardous Environments

1. In the preference to again keep our Cleaners healthy, they are instructed NOT to clean homes with obvious Mold infestation on walls and/or windows or other areas of the home. Our protocol is to immediately exit the home and to inform management (they may also provide pictures). A GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC Representative will contact the client to discuss the issue and possibly reschedule at a later time when the home is deemed safe to enter.

2. Similarly, Cleaners are also instructed NOT to clean homes with bug (ants, termites, bed bugs, fleas, ect.) or rodent infestation (outside of common household pets) and to immediately exit the home and report to management (they may also provide pictures). A GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC Representative will contact the client to discuss the issue and possibly reschedule at a later time when the home is deemed safe to enter.

3. Our Cleaners are also instructed NOT to clean, touch, or pick up any form of pet or human wastes this is again for health and safety precautions. Our Cleaners are also instructed to leave certain items/areas untouched, such as items or areas containing any, animal or human, body fluids or excretions and litter boxes. The Client is responsible to clean up pet accidents. Our Cleaners are advised to clean around these areas. 4. Our Cleaners do NOT clean inside curio cabinets or china cabinets. If you have other items you prefer that we do not touch or handle, please inform the office prior to your appointment, so we can arrange to avoid those items.

5. Our staff is unable to climb higher than a step stool, work on the outside of your home, move furniture that contains electronics, move furniture or objects weighing more than Fifty Pounds (50 lbs), prepare meals, provide any pet or children-related services, or empty diaper pails. We ask our Clients to please leave out step stools or advise our Cleaners of where it is kept so that they may use it to clean out-of-reach areas.


1. Although gratuity is not expected or required, the Cleaners certainly welcome it! A great way to show your appreciation is with gratuity. Please leave a cash tip if you choose to leave one.

2. Cleaners also receive bonuses for positive compliments, requests, and service reviews. Please feel free to call, text, or email the office if you would like to express your happiness with a specific Staff or team of Cleaners.

House Preparation

1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC requests that our clients pick up/put away excess clutter, kids/animals toys, and any other things that may delay cleaning. This ensures that we have full access to disinfect and clean these areas. This allows the Cleaners to clean more thoroughly and efficiently. We are happy to help put a few things away because light organization is included with our service, however, it is an additional $15 charge per room that needs extra attention and prepping before cleaning. If you do not want a particular room cleaned please leave a note for the Cleaners or contact the office prior to your appointment.

2. Also, It is an additional $10 charge if we have to hand wash excess dishes (that go beyond your typical morning dishes that collect in the sink.)


1. Our Cleaners love Pets of all sorts! GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC requires our clients to mention if they have pets in their home and to also let us know their name so that our Cleaners can address them accordingly if they will be in the home with us. Unfortunately, we require that ALL pets that may be aggressive towards our Cleaners or protective of their home to be secured in the interest of keeping our Cleaners safe. Our staff is instructed not to enter the home if they feel that an any animal is a threat. Please also remember that pets may behave differently when the owner is not present.

Special Requests

1. If you have special requests for specific cleaning tasks, our Clients are welcome to leave a note or checklist for the Cleaners or the Client may contact the office with all special instructions.

2. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC allows our clients the option to request a specific Cleaner or team of Cleaners. We cannot guarantee that we can send the requested the cleaners each time, however, we will do our best to see that it does happen. Also, if the Client requests a team we will do our best that at least one of those Cleaners or all of them are there each time.


1. In severe weather, we may determine it is not safe to travel and/or carry equipment and supplies to your home therefore your cleaning service for that daywill be canceled. When this occurs, we will always do our best to reschedule your appointment.


1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC is closed Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and Day after Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day. We will contact you approximately 2 weeks ahead of time to arrange an alternate day of that week if your cleaning appointment falls on a holiday. During those weeks our schedule is very full; you may wish to contact our office 4-6 weeks ahead of time to reschedule your cleaning. Closing days may differ slightly, we may work some of these days listed, it will be determined at the discretion of management, however, we will always inform our clients if your appointment lands on a day that we will not be working.

2. We also like to leave little things like cards, favors, candy, goodie bags, coupons, and other small items randomly throughout the year. We usually like to do something special for our clients around the holidays and during customer appreciation months. If you would like to opt out of this or need to make us aware of any allergies clients must email [email protected].

Social Marketing

1. GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC will occasionally use before and after pictures from cleaning services performed in our customers homes for social marketing purposes. We will never display personal information or personal items such as family pictures, mail, address, etc that could compromise your privacy. If you would prefer to opt out of social media pictures client must email [email protected]

Customer Referral Program

If you are happy with our service please tell others about us! For every referral of a client who signs up for recurring service you get 25% off your next cleaning appointment. For every referral of a client who schedules any service other than routine visits you get $10 dollars off your next clean.  

Deals & Discounts

We offer %10 off to military personnel, veterans, and seniors. (Must Provide Proof)

We offer a %10 Realtor Property Discount to all Realtors & Property Managers. (Must Provide Proof)

We offer a %10 off Multiple Property Discount to all additional properties AFTER main residence. (Discount does not apply to main residence & Main residence must be on weekly, biweekly or monthly routine schedule to qualify).

Any other deals, discounts, or coupons must be presented when scheduling your appointment to be applied to invoice. ** Remember to check our Facebook Page or our Blog for any current deals, discounts, giveaways, drawings, contests, events, company updates, etc. Regards!

Thank you so much for trusting GET IT CLEAN SERVICES INC for your house cleaning needs! We hope for a long cleaning relationship with each of our clients

Last modified on 05/07/2021